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Wow, what a year 2020 has turned out to be! This will be a year in the history books and we are all a part of it. Recent changes within our Provincial government has allowed us at Lac Seul Wilderness Resort to open our camp to Canadian guests. The USA/Canadian border remains closed to recreational travellers until June 21st, and possibly longer. Operating under these time lines is challenging to say the least. We are fortunate that we live in Canada and are able to have our resort ready for guests. I cant say the same for those resort owners that are stuck south of the border. Many local operators have stepped up to help our counterparts as best as we can. Cutting grass, monitoring others camps and keeping our peers informed of local news. We are a big family of sorts and we need to watch each others backs to ensure the tourism industry stays strong and viable. Hopefully soon the border restrictions will allow for US camp owners to get to their hibernated camps and get prepared for whatever guests they may be able to accommodate. I am remaining optimistic that we will salvage part of this season, however we must plan for the worst and make the best of it.

We understand that everyone is affected by this pandemic in different ways. Financial hardship, tangible health concerns, paranoia, and frustration at government controls. We are not one to judge an individuals opinions or actions. We are however able to accommodate your needs and we open our arms to those guests that are allowed to visit. We have implemented Canadian rates for Canadian travellers. We will be following strict health and safety guidelines such as group size restrictions, sanitization practices and pre screening directives.

Please don’t hesitate to call us to see what we have that fits your needs.

sincerely Scott and Heidi


Keeping Busy

A little update on what we have been doing in preparation for spring camp start up. Our garage resembles that of Geppetto’s workshop with too many different projects on the go at once. Of course no room for Heidi’s car! Our new year started off with a trip to the All Canada show in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I must admit I am really enjoying interacting with so many eager fishing faces, the energy is contagious. It was a great show and we are quickly realising our small camp is in need of expansion. Next show is Madison Wisconsin Feb 28-March 1.

The entrance sign is a work in progress and the only thing slowing us down is mother nature. A break in the weather allowed us to get the south bound portion installed. A bit of fine tuning is all that is needed to get our entrance recognised along highway 105.

The boat launch dock is also at the mercy of the weather. It is taking shape and I’m sure it will be ready for transport soon.

Many many smaller projects are on the go in the workshop…Pinterest is very visible here

I do of course squeeze in a bit of ice fishing, and the walleye bite has been excellent this winter. Soon I will be chasing trout, in fact I might even be involved with a northern adventure with “Larry Smith outdoors” and Ontario’s own “The Real Deal”. Keep your eyes open for our adventure on these upcoming episodes.

The fire in the garage has finally reached working temperature so I better get back to my “to do ” list. Before you know it the geese will be flying north and the ice will be pulling away from the shores.

Wishing you all the best in 2020.


Contact Us!

Hi Everyone!

We hope you are enjoying the holidays!

We have been made aware that our winter line 807-937-2811 is sometimes unavailable! We are trying to get to the bottom of it as some people are getting through and others aren’t.

If you cannot get through on our winter line, you can reach us at 807-323-3646 or by email

We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Year!

Scott Ellery

Lac Seul Wilderness Resort

Our new brochure

A New Name for a Great Resort

Hello Everyone,

Please allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Scott Ellery and along with my wife Heidi. We are the proud new owners of Lac Seul Wilderness Resort, located on world famous Lac Seul just south of Ear Falls, Ontario. We are in the process of taking over this wonderful resort from Rob and Cheryl Eady formerly know as Cherob Resort and Robs Marine. Our mission is to continue providing adventures and top quality service that those have come to recognize from the resort of over 20 years. Of course we are excited to put our own fingerprints on the resort and in time expand our services and accommodations.

As we become more familiar with our past, present and future clients and the resort in general I ask for your patience during this learning curve. One thing I do know is fishing, especially big walleye! I have chased these icons of the north for over 40 years and am always learning something new. Weather patterns, time of year, water temperature and bait adjustments play a key role in a successful day on the water. I hope to contribute some of my past experience on Lac Seul and keep you updated on local conditions and tricks that are working.

I hope you follow us and any comments or constructive criticism is eagerly accepted.

Yours Truly,

Scott Ellery