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Things to Do

Of course fishing is the main attraction here in Northwestern, Ontario but there are also some “land” attractions to check out before you leave too!

Fishing tackle, LCBO, friendly smiles

Dutchies General Store
Stop in at Dutchies General Store to pick up your fishing license, tackle, food and alcoholic beverages! Dutchies is located approximately 20 minutes (south) before Lac Seul Wilderness Resort on Highway 105. Check out Dutchies General Store on facebook!

Restaurant the northern way. A must stop

The WhiskeyJack Tavern & Restaurant
Don’t feel like cooking? The WhiskeyJack Tavern & Restaurant is the place to be! With excellent food and service, you will get the unique experience of a classic Northwestern Ontario restaurant. Check out The WhiskeyJack Tavern & Restaurant on facebook to watch for live music events while you are here.

Golfing an option

Ear Falls Golf & Country Club
Are you a golfing fan? Take time in your fishing adventure to stop in for a round of golf at Ear Falls Golf & Country Club! This golf course has become a popular spot for residents and visitors to relax and meet new friends.

Custom shore lunch kit

Rent a Shore Lunch Kit!
Shore lunch kits are available for rent daily and weekly! They come with everything you need for the best Northwestern Ontario lunch! Check out our rates page for more information!

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