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Where are we located?

Lac Seul Wilderness Resort is located approximately 4 hours (220 miles) north of International Falls, Minnesota. Guests will head towards Vermilion bay taking Hwy 105 north for about 1 hour. We are 5 minutes south of Ear Falls. You will see our sign, you can’t miss it! Find us on Google Maps.

What methods of payment do we accept?

We accept, Cash and certified cheque(USD). We can also accept electronic money transfers and paypal payment methods. Visa and Mastercard will also be accepted with a 4% administration fee

Can we bring a pet?

Pets are welcome! Please contact us to discuss!

Things to do before you arrive

Purchase your fishing licence, online or at local retailers. Bobby’s Sport Shop in Vermilion Bay, and Four Seasons Sport Shop in Ear Falls sell licenses and have an excellent selection of tackle.

Pack your personal floatation device (PFD…aka lifejacket), sunscreen and bug repellent. Be sure to stop in at Dutchies as you drive through Perrault Falls for all your last minute needs including alcoholic beverages and fishing licenses.

Crossing the border

Be sure and bring your passports and identification. There may also be some restrictions for those that may have past judicial record, federal or state. Restriction’s on live bait also apply so do your research if you plan on importing nightcrawlers or anything else

Sports show schedule

This year (2023) we will be attending the Wisconsin Fishing Expo February 24-26. If you get the chance, stop in and say hi.

So many excited fishermen!

Lac Seul Fishing Regulations

Have a look at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Fishing summary to learn out the special rules that apply to Lac Seul. A Walleye no keep slot size of 18″-21″ and a must kill regulation apply to this particular waterbody. A 4 fish limit can include 3 under 18″ and 1 over 21″ or all 4 under 18″. We prefer you don’t keep anything over 22″ to eat.

Northern Pike also have a no keep slot size of 27″-36″. 3 under 27″, 1 over 36″, or all 4 under 27″.

We have fish coolers and ice at the fish house to keep your fish fresh.

Bleeding your fish on the lake is one way to kill them to meet regulations. Not only does it improve the quality of the fillet but it also reduces the mess on the cleaning table.

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